(Es)Sex in the City (ex_vanillaco754) wrote in cheap_as_chips,
(Es)Sex in the City

WotD - On me 'ed

Today's WotD is

• noun
Brit. informal a person’s head.
ORIGIN originally denoting a large marble: of unknown origin.

The word bonce is slang for head, mainly used in London. It appears to have derived from the game 'Bonce' - a children's game played with large glass marbles.

I can remember my Dad, a Cockney by the truest definition, calling my sister and I bacon bonce when, as children, we did something particularly stupid. I have grown up believing that a bacon bonce is therefore a stupid person. Not so! Bacon Bonce is Cockney Rhyming Slang for nonce meaning 'child molester'!

I'll have to put Dad right ...

Suggested usage:
I've got a pain in me bonce
Shut up! You're doing me bonce in
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