(Es)Sex in the City (ex_vanillaco754) wrote in cheap_as_chips,
(Es)Sex in the City

WotD - Teaser

Today’s WotD is in honour of the ubiquitous Assistant!Jo, who is well versed in this art:
wind up (PHRASES)
Brit. Informal tease or irritate.
ORIGIN Old English, go rapidly, twine; related to WANDER and WEND.

Pronounciation guide: Wind as in mind as opposed to the wind that blows!

To wind up is to tease, for example by telling a false story designed to elicit a particular reaction, for example telling someone in a block of high rise flats that their lifts were to be disabled to encourage fitness

A wind up merchant is London slang for someone who makes a habit of teasing people on a regular basis (eg Assistant!Jo … just saying)
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