(Es)Sex in the City (ex_vanillaco754) wrote in cheap_as_chips,
(Es)Sex in the City

Today’s WotD is

• adjective
Brit. Informal excellent, best, brilliant or wonderful

Also phrase get cracking - to get going or started

Cracking is used as an adjective to denote when something is brilliant or wonderful. It has been rather overused in recent times by British sports commentators, especially football pundits.
Examples of usage would be – "That was a cracking goal by Owen" or "Franz Ferdinand gave a cracking performance last night".

Cracking can also be used as an intensifier in the same way as extremely or outstandingly … eg: "We had a cracking good time last night".

When applied to a woman ("That blonde is cracking") it means stunning … and is often contracted to crackling … "She’s a nice piece of crackling".

Finally cracking can also be used a a euphemism for ‘get going’ or ‘get started’ – it usually denotes that something should be done or started quickly
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