March 12th, 2004

The demon drink

Whey Hey! It’s almost the weekend so today’s theme of ‘BritSpeak’ is DRINKING or to be more exact euphemisms for being drunk! You may be a bit dubious when you read the list but I can assure that all the following words and phrases are 100% genuine (Pukka) BritSlang and will be heard in pubs and bars all over London tonight.

Drink is the great leveller. Even your booted and suited City Gent type reverts to pure Estuary once the booze begins to flow.

We’ll start with the word
Unlike the American version of the word (which means 'annoyed'), this is the most common slang term for being drunk. Other variants are 'pissed-up', 'pissed as arseholes', 'pissed as a fart', 'pissed as a newt' etc.
*piss-head - a habitual drinker or drunkard.
piss it up the wall - to spend money foolishly, usually on drink, drugs or gambling.
e.g. "I can't believe I got paid last week and I've pissed it all up the wall !".
piss-up - a big drinking session.
e.g. "Fancy coming out for a piss-up".

*Side note on Estuary pronunciation
The letter ‘H’ is an invisible letter to all proponents of Estuary English. It simply does not exist! It’s silent like the letter ‘H’ in the Italian language.
To speak true Estuary English you must learn to forget poor ‘H’ … we all did years ago.
e.g. Piss-head would become piss-‘ead, hello becomes ‘ello etc

Other euphemisms for ‘drunk’ are:

bladderedAdj. Very "he was completely bladdered"
mashed Verb. Utterly intoxicated by drink (or, less commonly, drugs) to the extent of being in a
mess and unable to function normally.
trolleyedAdj. Very intoxicated by drink or drugs. An extension of 'off one's trolley'.
Off one’s trolley – Phrs. 1. Crazy, insane. Late 1800s. [Orig. U.S.]
2. Very intoxicated
hammered Adj. 1. Totally intoxicated. [Orig. U.S.]
2. Exhausted, used to excess.
[From hammer Verb. To take or do something to excess.
e.g."I'm going to hammer the booze tonight." ]

wankered Adj. Very intoxicated.
trashed Common term for getting very drunk.
e.g. "We got completely trashed last night".

I hope you get plenty of chances to use your new vocabulary over the coming weekend.

It’s time to live it large on Friday.
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