March 18th, 2004

Oh sod it!

Today’s BritSpeak Slang Word of the Day is the wonderful, all-purpose …

vulgar slang, chiefly Brit.
noun 1 an unpleasant person. 2 a person of a specified kind. 3 a difficult or problematic thing.
• verb (sodded, sodding) 1 used to express anger or annoyance. 2 (sod off) go away. </b>3 (sodding) </b>used as a general term of contempt.
PHRASES sod all absolutely nothing.
ORIGIN abbreviation of SODOMITE.

Sod is a glorious word. Attached to any word or phrase it has the immediate effect of making it derogatory.
Prime examples include "Sod off" (get lost), "sod you" (nearest US equivalent is probably "bite me"), "sod it" (damn/forget it), "old sod" (old git), etc, etc. Use at will - it has a friendly tone to it and is unlikely to get you into trouble.

sod Noun. 1. A contemptible or objectionable person.
2. A pitiable person.
e.g."He's just had his car stolen and his wife has just run off with
the milkman, the poor sod."
* Abb. of the word sodomite.

sod about / around Verb. To waste time.

sod-all Noun. Nothing.
e.g."I've got sod-all left from my wages”
Adj. No. E.g."I've done sod-all work this vacation."

sodding Adv./Adj. Used as an intensifier.
e.g."It's always that sodding idiot who wakes everyone up at a god
awful hour."

sod it! Exclam. A exclamation of contempt or frustration.
e.g."Sod-it! I'm giving up."

sod off Verb. Go away, leave. Usually used in the imperative.
e.g."If he doesn't sod off in the next 2 minutes I'm going to hit him."

sod this for a game of soldiers! Exclam. I give up! . Cf. 'sod this for a lark'.

sod this for a lark ! Exclam. I give up! An intolerant, impatient exclamation.
Cf. 'sod this for a game of soldiers'.

sod you ! Exclam. General exclamation of dismissal, rejection, hostility.