March 23rd, 2004

WotD: Alone again, naturally

I’ve been abandoned by Assistant!Jo this afternoon so the ‘Word of the Day’ is all about me. Today’s word is actually a phrase and our first foray into the world of Cockney Rhyming Slang:
On your/one’s tod
Phrs. Short for Tod Sloane. Rhyming slangfor ‘own’
so ‘on your tod’ is to be on your own

But who was Tod Sloane? After a little digging around I’ve established that Tod Sloane (1874-1933) was an American jockey who came to England to ply his trade in the early 1900’s.

So why did his name become synonymous with being alone? Apparently he won many races, mainly leading from the front, out on his own. The original rhyming slang was on your Tod Sloane, the ‘Sloane’ being lost in the mists of time. Strange, as the ‘sloane’ is actually the part that rhymes with own! Cockney Rhyming Slang is a law unto itself.

An example of correct usage would be:
"Assistant!Jo is off having a good time and I’m here all on my tod."

NB: It’s also acceptable to say ‘by my tod’.

I’ve used this phrase since I was a teenager with no idea of where it came from … so we’ve all learnt something today!
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