March 24th, 2004

WotD: Penury

So today's BritSpeak Word of the Day is all about me again!

It's two days until pay-day. I have a huge credit card bill. There is no cash in my purse.

I'm ...
/b rassik/
• adjective
1 consisting of, containing, or denoting boric acid.
2 Brit. informal having no money. from boracic lint, rhyming slang
for skint.


• adjective Brit. informal having little or no money available.
— ORIGIN variant of informal skinned, in the same sense.

Another example of insane cockney logic. Boracic is rhyming slang for a slang word ... a double whammy of slang (or should that be a double slangy?) The actual rhyming slang is boracic lint which rhymes with skint, which itself is a corruption of skinned. The actual rhyming part of the rhyme has been dropped over the years leaving boracic or brassic, as it's become down on the Estuary.

Boracic is slightly dated but is still used to great effect on 'Eastenders'. My Estuary Oracle, Assistant!Jo, informs me that potless is the preferred slang word among the ProtoEstuary set.

potless Adj. Poor, having no ready cash.

So on the boracic front ... I'll be passing the hat round shortly ...