March 30th, 2004

WotD: Lucky sod!

Everyone has one of those friends … the kind where good fortune follows them everywhere. They never have wardrobe disasters or bad hair days. They always win bets and competitions. Just plain lucky.

Well in Blighty, they would be called

• adjective (jammier, jammiest)

Brit. Informal lucky, flukey
eg: That jammy sod won the lottery again

Jammy is a word I use on a fairly regular basis without really knowing why or where it comes from. It may derive from the 19th century terms "jam-up", "bang-up", "slap-up" meaning "first-rate". Whether it refers to actual jam (or jelly in the US) is a matter of debate.

There is also a phrase ”he has his bread (or cake) with jam on” which again basically means he’s a lucky b*stard.

Other forms include:

Jammy beggar
Jammy bastard
Jammy bugger
Jammy sod

Usage would be:

The jammy beggar just got a promotion and he’s only been here three weeks

No-one ever notices that jammy bastard leaving early

If you’re using jammy to describe someone, it’s fairly certain that you’re suffering from sour grapes … so don’t use it to congratulate a friend on their good fortune!

NB: Do not confuse with the Rap definition of jammy … which is a euphemism for the male member!