April 6th, 2004

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I’m feeling a little under the weather today - can’t quite put my finger on it. Basically I’m feeling:

(also ropy)
• adjective (ropier, ropiest)
resembling a rope.
2 Brit. Informal poor in quality or health.
3 Adj. Suspicious, dodgy

DERIVATIVES ropily adverb ropiness noun.

Ropey is another one of those great general purpose slang words, covering a multitude of sins.

It can be used to describe pretty much anything which isn't in as good as state as it might be. It might be you with a hangover; your ex-girlfriend or the car you bought from someone in the pub last week.

Examples of usage are:

Have you seen Dave’s new bird. Definitely a bit ropey

Tell the boss I won’t be in today, I’m feeling a bit ropey