April 14th, 2004

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I used the WotD the day this morning in relation to one of my colleagues who mysteriously disappeared when they realised a particularly boring chore was coming their way. To my amazement my American colleague had no idea what I was talking about. Being the anally retentive little researcher that I am, I hit the dictionaries to find that our WotD is a peculiarly British word .

So without further ado, today’s WotD is:

/skiv/ Brit. informal
• verb avoid work or a duty; shirk.
• noun an instance of shirking.
— DERIVATIVES skiver noun.
perhaps from French esquiver ‘slink away’.

Pronounciation guide: as in Sky with the –ve sound from drive on the end

To skive is to evade doing one’s task or duty. Therefore, a skiver is someone who purposely avoids something. For example, a truant is someone who skives of school. In the workplace , a skiver would be the person who’s always late for meetings; the one who disappears when it’s their turn to make the coffee (the ultimate sin in my book).

Another usage would be (to) skive off.

I retreat … the language barrier still intact .