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April 28th, 2004 - Brit Speak — LiveJournal

About April 28th, 2004

WotD: Scrounge 04:16 pm
Today’s WotD is:

Brit. informal

• noun 1 a violent robbery.
2 an act of using clever talk or lying to obtain something.

• verb (blagged, blagging)
1 steal in a violent robbery.
2 obtain by clever talk or lying.

— DERIVATIVES blagger noun.
— ORIGIN perhaps from French blaguer ‘tell lies’

The orginal meaning /usage of blag related to violent crime. These days you will find it has a far less sinister usage – it is now used more in relation to scrounging or obtaining something by deception … getting something for nothing. This meaning is far closer to the French word it originated from - Blaguer to tell lies.

Blag can also mean to talk persuasively, to bluff your way into a situation (a job,or a club) or to pretend to no about a certain subject. (interestingly Blaguer can also mean to tell tall stories).

[Phrasal Verb: blag on about something or blag about something
To talk boastfully about it, often exaggerating the truth.]

Suggested usage

I managed to blag a lift (ride) to work this morning from my sister

We’ll blag our way into the club on Saturday … no worries.

Chris is always trying to blag cigarettes from me
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