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April 30th, 2004

About British Slang Word of the Day

WotD: Fine ! 04:35 pm
It’s a long weekend for us Brits … Spring Bank Holiday. This of course means that it will be raining most of the weekend, with the weather taking a turn for the better on Tuesday … just as we all go back to work.

Anyhow Bank Holidays (Public holidays) engender happy feelings so today’s WotD is:

Fine, wonderful, excellent

Origins - Kushtipen was once the English Romany word for 'happiness' , itself derived from a Persian word meaning 'happiness'. Possibly derived from the Hindustani khush meaning 'pleasant'

If you’re familiar with Jamie Oliver, the King of Mockney, then you’ve probably come across the word Kushti before. He usually utters kushti after tasting one of his own concoctions.
eg: kushti

Once a predominantly working class term, it has now passed into general usage as word meaning everything is fine or that a resolution has been reached. It crops up quite a lot on EastEnders and was another favourite saying of Derek ‘Del Boy’ Trotter in ‘Only Fools and Horses’.

It is also spelt cushty, cushti or kushty … the lazy London pronounciation being cushdee.

No work on Monday …. Kushti !

See you all on Tuesday
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