May 6th, 2004

WotD: New Slang

Today cheap_as_chips brings you a selection of new slang words from 'BritSlang', a brand spanking new dictionary of British slang.

trout pout- The fish-mouth look of someone who has overdone the collagen treatment, a disastrous lip-enlargement

Wallace and Gromit - vomit (yuk)

Elm Street - a bad dream (duh), from the A Nightmare on Elm Street

Russell Crowe - dough, as in money
(ie: I'm a a bit short of russell this month)

Bill Murray - Curry
(ie: After we've bin dahn the pub we're going for a Bill)

Penelope Cruz - booze

bacardi breezer - geezer

Nelson Mandela - Pint of Stella (Artois)

and finally

Posh and Becks ..... sex! How apt