May 12th, 2004

WotD - Twofer

Today's WOtD is a twofer - a two for one

• noun

1 a waterproof jacket, usually with a hood.
2 Brit. informal a socially inept person with an obsessive interest in something.
ORIGIN Greenland Eskimo


• noun
1 a person who collects locomotive numbers as a hobby.
2 (often derogatory) a person who obsessively studies the minutiae of any minority
interest or specialized hobby.
DERIVATIVES trainspotting noun

An anorak is often a socially inept person (but usually intelligent and particularly anally retentive person) having an obsessive interest in a hobby or subject. Usually he has little or no fashion sense, and errs towards eccentricity. The slang usage originates from the 'trainspotter' look, of wearing anoraks; spending so much time at the end of station platforms in all weathers necessitates the wearing of such attire.

Trainspotting for the uninitiated is the much ridiculed hobby of rail enthusiasts viewing and taking note of trains from station platforms. Slang-wise the expression was popular on the club scene at which a trainspotter will be seen watching DJ's, spotting which tracks are played and gleaning knowledge on the music for future reference

Typical usage: Shaun in the IT department is such an anorak/trainspotter about servers

The First (and possibly last) Annual Cheap as Chips Icon Challenge

Awright Mates?

Your hostess, Lady Cockney van Mockney, minor member of the House of Windsor, raconteur and purveyor of all things Estuary would like to issue a challenge.

Fairly shortly, Lady Mockney will be clocking up another year on the mile-o-meter of life and to celebrate this momentous (and slightly distressing) occaision, she invites you all to use your new found knowledge of Brit street speak.

The challenge is to produce an icon (or two) using some of your favourite new words and phrases.

Your reward? Lady M will be as happy as a pig in mud and chuffed to buggery.

If you'd like to take up the gauntlet, just post your contribution here in cheap_as_chips on or around June 1st

I'll put all the icons posted into rotation as icons for the community.

Here's your chance to flex your new vocab and make an ageing Essex Girl smile!

Ta very much