June 11th, 2004

WotD: Cockneypalooza V - Euro2004 edition!

We'll end the week with another Cockney Rhyming Slang spam.

Faith and Hope Soap

FatBoy Slim Gym.
Example: "Goin' down the Fat Boy Slim"

Pen and Ink Stink.
Example: "That dog of yours pen and inks!"

Fawlty Towers Shower.
Example: "I'll just have a Fawlty Towers as I been working out"

Richard Gere Beer

Feather and Flip Kip = Sleep

Kylie Minogues Brogues (shoes).
Example: "Nice pair of Kylie Minogues you got there!"

Filter Tips Lips.
Example: "Not a dickie has past my filter"

Fine and Dandy Brandy

Finger and Thumb Rum

Fish Hook Book

Fish 'n' Taters Laters (as in 'See you later')
Example: "See's you fish 'n' taters mate"

Penelope Cruz Booze

Pete Tong Wrong

Richard Gere Beer

Mother's Ruin Gin

Mountain Ridge Fridge.
Example: "Get us a Richard Gere out of the mountain ridge"

Have a great weekend

Football's coming home!!!!