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WotD: Naff

Today’s WotD is:
Brit. Informal
verb 1 (naff off) go away.
2 naffing used to emphasize annoyance.
• adjective lacking taste or style.
DERIVATIVES naffness noun.
ORIGIN the verb is a euphemism for FUCK; the origin of the adjective is unknown.

Naff is another multipurpose, versatile slang word. Other variations include:

naff Adj.
1. Rubbishy, useless, cheap, of poor quality. [1960s]
Eg: Daniel Beddingfield is so naff.
2. Unfashionable. [1960s]
Eg: Shell suits are painfully naff.

naffed off Adj. Annoyed, depressed.
Eg: It’s raining and I’m naffed off

naffing Adv./Adj. Used as an intensive, such as 'fucking'.
E.g:"That naffing couple nextdoor were arguing again last night."

naff off (!) Exclam Get lost! Leave me alone! A euphemism for 'fuck off!'. [1950s]
Verb. Go away.
E.g."Will you naff off and leave me to get on with my work." [1950s]
Popularised in the 1970's by the British sitcom, Porridge, starring Ronnie Barker.

When using Naff off!, the correct pronunciation of off is orf ... for every letter dropped by a Cockney, there's one added somewhere else!

Now for the fake word.

Kudos to everyone who spotted ‘teacup’ as the fake word. Assistant!Jo thought that one up so you can blame her. Personally, I think it works well as a milder form of mug. As unlikely as it sounded, Boracic is a real slang word!
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