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(Es)Sex in the City

WotD: Happy talk

I’ll keep it short today. If you’ve been over to my other journal you’ll know that I’m feeling a little squiffy today.

One of the side effects of said squiffiness is a tendency to become very talkative. Therefore I give you the WoTD …

verb. To talk, often unceasingly.
Abbreviated cockney rhyming slang from rabbit and pork

Rabbit is yet another example of rhyming slang where the actual rhyming part of the phrase has been dropped over the years. It was popularised in the early 1980s by the chirpy cockney duo, Chas and Dave, in their song … erh … Rabbit.
Part of the lyrics is still in popular use today:

You’ve got more rabbit than Sainsbury’s
Why don’t you give it a rest

NB: Sainsbury’s is a popular supermarket in the UK

Inevitably, rabbit has been shortened to bunny

Suggested usage would be:

Stop rabbiting and get on with your work

She could rabbit the hind legs off a donkey

My sister has too much bunny

He’s always rabbiting on about football


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