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(Es)Sex in the City

Cockneypalooza 3 - St George's Day Slang Spam.

It's St George's Day - the patron saint of England with his emblem of the red cross on a white background being our national flag.

So it's time for another cockney rhyming slang spam fest.

On with the slang:

Duck and Dive = skive

Jam jar = car

Khyber = Khyber Pass = arse
eg: I slipped and fell me kyber

Lionels = Lionel Blairs = flares (as in flared trousers)
(A very fey,English variety performer/dancer)
eg: Now that we've gone retro fashion again, I can did out my lionels

North and South = mouth
Subject of a music hall (burlesque) song:
"What a mouth, what a mouth
What a north and south
Lummee what a mouth she's got"

Orchestras = orchestra stalls = balls (testicles)
(Orchestra stalls = part of a concert or other hall)
eg: "Tommy got kicked in the orchestras"

Rosie = Rosie Lee = tea
eg: "Have a cup of Rosie"

Sherbet Dab = (taxi) cab

skin and blister = sister

Tea leaf = thief

Titfer= tit for tat = hat

Tom and Dick = sick
eg: "I've overindulged and I'm feeling a little tom and dick this morning"
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