(Es)Sex in the City (ex_vanillaco754) wrote in cheap_as_chips,
(Es)Sex in the City

First an apology - work, in the vernacular, has been caning me recently and I've missed a couple of WotD posts.
Anyhow, normal service is resumed from today.

We'll get the ball rolling again with some more wonderful examples of cockney rhyming slang ...

Brass bands = Hands
eg: I shook him by the brass.

Bread and Honey = Money
eg:I wish I had loads of bread.

Christian Slater = Later
eg: See ya Slater.

Cream Crackered = knackered (tired/broken)
eg: I'm cream crackered! or I'm creamed!

Donkey's Ears =Years
eg: Ain't seen you in donkeys.

Jam Jar = Car
eg: Me Jam Jar's cream crackered.

Jimmy Riddle = Piddle (urinate)
eg: I really need to go for a Jimmy.

Lemon Squeezy = Easy
eg: It was lemon, mate.

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