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Lady Mockney van Cockney
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Awright mates!

This is the home of the 'Brit Speak' - the British Slang Word of the Day' community.

Every weekday afternoon, around tea-time (4pm GMT for those not in the know) a new slang word will be posted with a little information about its origins and usage.

Once each new word has been posted you have try and use it during the day at school, at work or at home. Come back to the community to post how you got own flexing your new vocabulary.

BSWD be featuring cockney, mockney, Estuary English and regional dialects. If you have any special requests, please post a comment and I'll do my best to find a Brit Slang examples.

Word of warning … I’ll be throwing in some fake slang from time to time. Will you be able to spot it? The false word will be revealed on the Friday afternoon of the week it appears, if you know what I mean.

So don't be caught out shagging a brolly ... join up to day.


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